Babies become calmer when they are rocked. A bouncer or swing can offer parents a solution, but the natural movement of the parent is not imitated by it. The MamaRoo moves like parents. So he rocks, rocks, swings, heaves; it can even mimic the nighttime car ride desperate parents sometimes take to calm their crying baby. The MamaRoo can be set to 5 different movements: driving, kangaroo, swing, rock and ocean and has built-in speakers with nature sounds and music. The seat is flexibly adjustable from lying position to sitting position, so that the mamaRoo can also be used for giving snacks.

And the MamaRoo can even be controlled remotely with a special app or with voice control! This way you don’t have to disturb your child if he or she has just dozed off and you want adjust the mamaRoo.

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